Our Individual Journey Makes Us Unlike Any: Zoe Zhang


We are all unique. Each day we rise to meet our own challenges head-on — and we do our best. Day after day of striving and trying and honing and failing and coming back and succeeding — that’s what we do. That’s our reality, and that’s what sets each of us apart as individuals. Nobody can do you better than you.

Through the Unlike Any campaign, each week we will honor under-recognized feats of female athleticism by showcasing women who cannot be compared to anyone who has come before them. We’re celebrating them — in film and poetry — for what they have achieved and elevating them to where they belong: Above gender roles. Above labels. Above convention. Above comparison.

In celebrating them, we celebrate you.

After graduating from one of the top institutes for sports studies in China, Zoe Zhang earned a spot on the National Taekwondo Team, winning class champion. After suffering an injury that forced her into an early retirement, Zoe fought her way back as one of China’s most famous actresses with a focus in martial arts.

I come here with my injury,
to see your injury.

From here on,
I fight against what I can
And what I can’t.

I fight against those
who dismiss me, my pain,
and my potential.

I fight in my own way,
so I will rise above all.
Unlike Any.


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